AUGUST 27-29, 2021


May 21-23
, 2021


May 17-19
, 2019

Congratulations Owen Knight - HOA Champion
390x450 (won shoot off against Jack Dean)
(L-R; Jack Dean, Owen Knight, Bob Zeek (389x400)
Major rain and thunderstorms on Saturday - but everyone was able to complete thanks to some "creative adjustments" by tournament mangement (Becky, Ed & Greg)
Sunday was very windy - quite a challenge for .28 & .410 events.


74th 3I Championship (2018)


Results of the 74th 3I Championship can be found here or details are also on the NSSA website


91st Annual Illinois State Skeet Championship

August 18-20, 2017 Results


73rd 3I Championship (2017) Results


Moecher Wins 90th Annual Illinois 2016 State Skeet Championships

The 90th Annual Illinois Skeet Championships were held at Peoria Skeet and Trap Club in E. Peoria, IL August 19-21, 2016.  Jeff Moecher bested the field to win the HOA with a 393 and the HAA with a 492.  The weather played a role in all events, either with wind and white puffies or wind and rain.  The targets were deemed very good by Mike Glasby Sr. who takes care of the fields and machines at the Northbrook Skeet Classic.  Mike’s blessing carries a great deal of weight.  The puffies were another story.  They seriously hampered the number of straights recorded.  Top scores in the Doubles event were two 99’s by Mike Glasby Jr. and Jeff Moecher.  Glasby won CH and Moecher was RU.  Three 98’s were posted by Robert Zeek, Eric Fjelde, and Kent Koshkarian.  Zeek came away with Third place.  Class winners included:  AA-Ben Schroeder, A-Dave Jenner, B-Kent Koshkarian, C-Eric Fjelde, D-Steve Hillesheim.  At the conclusion of shoot offs, a complimentary fajitas bar was donated by an ISSA member and was available to the shooters and guests.  Jack and Linda Dean made sure everyone had as much to eat as they wanted.  

The weatherman promised rain for Saturday’s events.  Luckily, he was not quite correct.  The last flight of the 12 ga. got wet and all others were spared for the rest of the weekend.   Seven perfect scores were recorded in the 12 ga. Glasby and Moecher, again. stole the show and finished CH and RU in that order. Class champs were:  AA-Robert Zeek, A-Greg Hufnagel, B-Brandon Rys, C-Joe Marr, D-Stephen Hess, E-John Burt.  The 20 ga. posted only two 100’s.  Tim Spencer and Vern Shedd duked it out with Spencer CH and Shedd RU.  Six 99’s shot off for Third.  Jeff Moecher made his third trip to the podium with Third place.  Class winners were:  AA-Ben Schroeder, A-Eric Fjelde, B-Todd Swortzel, C-James Morris, D-John Burt.

After shoot offs, a steak dinner was served by Waugh Foods.  Nothing but raves were noted about the meal.  While most were dining, a few presentations were made.  First, the Five Man Team Club Challenge trophy was awarded to the Rockford Gun Club team of Bob Zeek, Joe Vancura, Ben Schroeder, Eric Fjelde, and Jim Burrows.  Congrats to Rockford.  Next came the Club of the year which was awarded to Loda Gun Club. There were two Art Shima Dedication to the Game Awards presented this year.  William “Barney” Barnett and Mike Glasby Sr. were very deserving recipients of the Shima Award.  The last presentation of the evening was for Hall of Fame.  An extremely good young shooter who has won many gun championships around the Midwest and at the State shoot was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Joe Vancura is the most deserving, quiet spoken young man I know in skeet shooting.  Joe gratefully accepted his award, but could not find the words to express his gratitude.   The look on his face said it all.  Joe was totally overwhelmed by the honor.

Sunday morning the 28 ga. event began with a pleasant breeze and blue sky peeking through the puffies now and then.  No 100’s were posted, but six 99’s were.  Those 99’s went head to head with Ben Schroeder taking CH, Glasby Jr. RU, and James Dial Third.  Class winners included:  AA-Bob Zeek, A-Dave Jenner, B-Brandon Rys, C-Howard Topping, D-William Stevens.  The 410 followed the 28 and again no 100’s.  Some new names made their way to the podium with Dean McMorris CH, Steve Patke RU, and Hank Pollard Third.  Class firsts were:  AA-Moecher, A-Bob Shuley, B-Tim Spencer, C-Bliss Bragas, D-William Stevens.  Jeff Moecher won the HOA and HAA outright.  HOA RU was Steve Patke and Ben Schroeder Third.  Class champs were:  AA-Glasby Jr., A-Dean McMorris, B- Brandon Rys, C-Howard Topping, D-John  Burt.  HAA RU was Glasby Jr. and Third was Be Schroeder.  Class winners included:  AA-Bob Zeek, A-Eric Fjelde, B-Todd Swortzel, C-Sean Wachter.

Another great State shoot is in the books, but many thanks are necessary.  Thanks go to: ISSA Officers-Pres. Bud Shipp, VP Jeff Moecher, Sec/Treas Pat Patke;  Chief Ref Dennis Cozzi and his crew;  Lunch workers-Larry and Lora Murphy, Steve Martin, Cindy Horri, and Marsha DeMay;  Jared Coker-Acting Club Manager;  Trap Mechanic-Jim McQuinn;  a host of folks that stepped up and did a great job of filling in where needed.  Our sponsors for the shoot included:  Black Hawk Propane-Robert Zeek, Dagger Tools-Artie Tessman, Northbrook Sports Club-Andy Schusteff, Kolar Arms, White Flyer targets, and Decot Hy-Wyd Sport Glasses.  We of the ISSA look forward to another great state shoot with the 91st Annual State Shoot next August. (submitted by Bud Shipp)

12 Ga.  CH Mike Glasby Jr.,  RU Jeff Moecher, 3rd Joe Vancura

20 Ga.  CH Tim Spencer, RU Vern Shedd, 3rd Jeff Moecher

28 Ga.  CH Ben Schroeder, RU Mike Glasby Jr., 3rd James Dial

410  CH Dean McMorris, RU Steve Patke, 3rd Hank Pollard

DBS CH Mike Glasby Jr., RU Jeff Moecher, 3rd Robert Zeek Jr.

HOA CH Jeff Moecher, RU Steve Patke, 3rd Ben Schroeder

HAA CH Jeff Moecher, RU Mike Glasby Jr., Ben Schroeder


History Made in Peoria

The 72nd Annual Three-I Championships were held May 20-22, 2016 at Peoria Skeet and Trap Club in E. Peoria, IL.  History was made when Mike Schmidt Jr. and James Barnard III posted 5x5’s on a beautiful weekend with little wind, no rain, and few, if any, white puffies.  Schmidt is no stranger to 5x5’s, but James made it his first.  James had three firsts this past weekend.  His Doubles score was his first 100 in that event, HOA his first 4 by, and HAA his first 5 by. All of this after having had five teeth pulled the week before.  He still had enough swelling that he couldn’t practice until he got to Peoria. James was still rinsing his mouth with salt water and couldn’t eat anything remotely solid.

The Doubles event was shot on Friday.  Two 100’s were posted.  Schmidt came away with the CH, Barnard III was RU, and Phil Poston took Third with a 99.  Finger food was served after the shoot offs and preparations were made for Saturday’s events.

Saturday was another picture perfect day.  Eleven straights were tallied in the 12 Ga. event.  In one lap, eleven became five.  When all was said and done in the second box, Steve Patke earned the CH, Barnard III RU, and Bill Buettenbach took Third.  The 20 Ga. event only saw seven 100’s scored.  Schmidt took the class to school and walked away with the CH.  Bob Zeke was RU and Becky McCumber earned Third.  After the shoot offs, the traditional Butterfly pork chop sandwich meal was served with all of the great sides.

Something odd happened Sunday that almost never happens at the Three-I.  Perfect weather for a third straight day prevailed.  Only five perfect scores were shot in the 28 Ga.  There were two 100’s in the 410—guess who?  Usually the 28 is shot off first, but special circumstances call for special circumstances.  The HOA was shot off first.  Mike and James took their places on Field 5.  James might have been overwhelmed at this point, he missed on Station 3 and it was over just that quick.  After changing tubes, the 28 Ga. shoot offs commenced.  This time Barnard III won CH and Schmidt RU.  Steve Timmons was Third.  Mike and James had the only 100’s in the 410.  Mike took CH and James RU.  Dennis Jameson garnered Third with a 99. The HAA shoot off had Mike finishing CH and James RU.  The year 2016 will go down in Peoria Skeet and Trap Club’s history book with the 5th and 6th 4 bys and the first two 5 bys.

There were lots of compliments all weekend regarding the shoot and that just doesn’t happen without thanking a lot of folks.  Thanks go to the following:  Chief Ref-John Bratty and his crew; Registration and computer-Becky McCumber, Jack Dean, Ed Dean; Score board-Barry Hall; Trap Mechanic-Jim McQuinn; Lunch and counter help-Mike and Brenda Dennis, Larry and Lora Murphy, Gerry Franklin, Pete Bartolo, Cindy Horrie; Chop Cooks-Jack Hill, Greg Hufnagel, Steve Schnubusch; Saturday dinner Hostess-Linda Dean; and the Officers and Board of Directors of Peoria Skeet and Trap Club.  Come see us May 2017.  We’ll show you a good time.

(submitted by Bud Shipp)


12 Ga.  L-CH Steve Patke  R-3rd Bill Buttenbach 20 Ga.  L-RU Bob Zeek R-3rd Becky McCumber
28 Ga.  L-3rd Steve Timmons  C-CH James Barnard III  R-RU Mike Schmidt Jr.

410 3rd Dennis Jameson


 DBS  L- 3rd Phil Poston   C-CH Mike Schmidt Jr.   R-RU James Barnard III

Schmidt ---DBS, 20, 410, HOA, HAA CH   RU-28 Ga. 

Barnard III --- CH 28    RU DBS, 12, 410, HOA, HAA

All Scores 


Remington Rules 89th Illinois State Shoot

   The Illinois Skeet Championships were held August 21-23 at Northbrook Sports Club.  Remington Wheaton was on his game and won the Doubles, 12 ga., HOA, and HAA.  White puffies plagued many shooters, but Remmy posted a lone 98 for the DBS CH title.  Artie Tessman was RU and Jack Dean took Third.  Class winners included:  AA-1 Jeff Moecher, A-1 Jeff Albertson, B-1 Mike Delmedico, C-1 Stephen Hess, D-1 Nick Geibel.  The Friday night party was highlighted by a Fajita bar sponsored by Bob Zeek and was enjoyed by all.

     The 12 ga. event was first on tap Saturday morning.  Weather was picture perfect, but only one straight was scored.  Remmy was at it again with the lone 100 for CH.  A pile of 99’s shot off for RU and Third.  Ryan Darosa was RU and Bud Shipp was Third.  Class champs were:  AA-1 Jeff Moecher, A-1 Vic Voltz, B-1 Greg Hufnagel, C-1 James Dial, D-1 Cody Tapping, E-1   Grant Kinscherf.  The 20 event was contested Saturday afternoon.  Again, a lone straight was posted by Ed Dean to take the CH title.  James Dial was RU and Steve Patke took Third.  Class winners included:  AA-1 Jeff Moecher, A-1 Kevin Bowen, B-1 Remington Wheaton, C-1 Mike Florzak, D-1 James Morris.

     Saturday night festivities included a steak dinner with great sides.  Awards presentations followed dinner.  Charles Killingsworth, long time Illinois shooter, was presented with the Art Shima Dedication to the Game Award for his lifetime achievements in supporting our game.  Vern Shedd accepted the award for Charlie.  Janice Molenaar was presented the Shima Award also for her work over the years running the raffle at the State shoot.  Janice has raised thousands of dollars for the state by selling tickets for the 50/50 drawing and raffle at each State shoot.  Thanks “Honey.”  The last award was the induction of Bud Shipp into the Illinois State Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame.  Bud thanked Jeff Moecher for the nomination, State Association members, his squad mates, past and present, including:  Ed and Jack Dean, Dave McMillen, Barry Hall, Becky McCumber, and Chris Phelps, and most of all his bride of 41 ½ years for her support and taking care of his bird dogs while he was at shoots.

    Sunday morning was overcast, and windy with threats of rain which showed up during the 9 o’clock flight of the 28 ga.  You guessed it only one straight was posted.  Vic Voltz was the CH.  Another pile of 99’s shot off for the podium and class places.  When the smoke cleared, Bob Shuley was RU and Mark Molenaar Third.  Class champs were:  AA-1 Jeff Moecher, A-1 Frank Arico, B-1 Rusty Shimp, C-1 Stephen Hess, D-1 Pete Chemello.  The 410 was challenging for all shooters.  Blue skies showed up and brought additional wind.  Two shooters posted 96’s to shoot it out for CH and RU.  Joe Vancura CH out lasted Remmy RU.  Mike Delmedico placed Third and was uncontested.  Class winners included:  AA-1 Artie Tessman, A-1 Vic Voltz, B-1 Katherine Pierce, C-1 Dave Jenner, D-1 Marty Schaner.

     Remmy and Artie Tessman posted 389’s in HOA.  When they finished the shoot off, Remmy was CH and Artie RU.  Vic Voltz was Third.  Class champs included:  AA-1 Mark Molenaar, A-1 William Barnett, B-1 James Dial, C-1 Jim Pilafas, D-1 Pete Chemello.  No shoot offs were necessary in HAA.  Remmy was CH with 487, Artie RU, and Jeff Moecher Third.  Class winners were:  AA-1 Bob Zeek, A-1 Bob Shuley, B-1 Bud Shipp, C-1 Budd Eichner, D-1 Pete Chemellow.

     Another State shoot is in the books and thanks need to be awarded to those making it that so.  Many thanks to the following:  ISSA Officers and Shoot Management-Pres. Bud Shipp, VP Jeff Moecher, Sec/Treas. Pat Patke, Scoreboard-Ric Hart, Chief Ref-Dennis Cozzi and his crew, Fields and Machines-Mike Glasby Sr., Club Manager-Brett Seibert, Host Club-Northbrook Sports Club, Shoot offs-Andy Schusteff, General Trouble Shooter and Gofer-Steve Patke, and all of those individuals who pitched in at various times and in various ways



Shelley Takes HOA and HAA at 71st Annual Three-I

Tom Selley dominated the 71st Annual Three-I held at the Peoria Skeet and Trap Club in E. Peoria, IL.  The weather man predicted gloom and doom for the entire weekend with severe weather predicted for Sunday.  The weather man lied.  There were some breezy conditions from time to time, but the rain only showed up for a few minutes and was a poor excuse for a drizzle.  The shoot commenced with the Doubles on Friday.  No 100’s were posted and a lone 99 by Junior shooter Ben Schroeder won the event.  A bunch of 98’s slugged it out for RU, 3rd, and class places.  Becky McCumber took RU, Tom Selley took 3rd.  Class winners included;   AA-1 Robert Zeek , A-1 Tommy Moore, B-1 Bill Spurlock, C-1 Charles Rapp, and D-1 Helena Fazzino.  Finger food and an open bar was enjoyed after the shootoffs.

Saturday was cloudy with light breezes.  The 12 ga. event was contested with five straights being posted.  When the chips settled, James Barnard III was CH, David Fanser RU, and Ed Dean 3rd.  Class winners were AA-1 Bruce Christian, A-1 Bill Spurlock, B-1 Vernon Shedd, C-1 Russell Shimp, D-1 Andy Kordick, E-1 Jim Morris.  The 20 ga. followed in the afternoon.  Only three posted perfect scores with Quinten Smith CH, Phil Plesetz RU, and J. B. Barnard 3rd.  Class champs included:   AA-1 Robert Zeek, A-1 Dan Adam, B-1 Vernon Shedd, C-1 John Wachter, and D-1 Heidi Korando.  Chops were grilled during the 20 event and served with great sides at the conclusion of the shootoffs.

Sunday was “interesting.”  The wind howled, but no severe weather came close.  Sunny conditions were the order of the day.  Two shooters put together 100’s in the 28 ga. event.  Junior shooter Bryce Baker CH out lasted Jeff Moecher RU.  Becky McCumber and James Barnard III went three boxes before Becky took 3rd.  Class champs were:   AA-1 James Barnard III, A-1 Troy Gordon, B-1 Mitchell Chang, C-1 John Wachter, and D-1 Charles Rapp.  The 410 event began very windy and settled down to stout breezes for the last two flights.  Two shooters scored 98’s to slug it out for CH and RU.  Quinten Smith took CH and Tom Selley RU.  James Barnard III won the battle of 97’s for 3rd place.  Class winners were:   AA-1 Phillip Poston, A-1 Phil Plesetz, B-1 Ben Schroeder, C-1 Mark Shelton, and D-1 Henry Schwenk.Â

The HOA CH was won outright by Tom Selley with a 394.  Quinten Smith and J. B. Barnard finished RU and 3rd with 393’s.  Class HOA champs included:   AA-1 James Barnard III, A-1 Ben Schroeder, B-1 Vernon Shedd, C-1 Bill Ziebell, and D-1 Charles Rapp.  Becky McCumber won all Ladies concurrents.  Tom Selley won HAA with a 492.  Ben Schroeder was RU with 490.  Class winners were:   AA-1 James Barnard III, A-1 Bill Spurlock, B-1 Vernon Shedd, C-1 John Wachter, and D-1 Charles Rapp.Â


A good shoot takes lots of people to make it so.  Thanks go to Chief Ref John Bratty and his crew; Shoot Management Jack Dean, Ed Dean, and Becky McCumber; Trap Mechanic Jim McQuinn; Club Manager Danika Jones; Officers and Board of Peoria Skeet and Trap Club; Lunch help and cooks Lora Murphy, Marsha DeMay, John Clark, Mike Walker, Ken and Ginny Franklin, Daryl Franklin, Aaron Dennis, Dennis Kerns, and Cindy Horrie; Chop cooks:  Jack and Faye Hill, Steve Schmidgall, Dave McMillen, Kent Koshkarian, and Greg Hufnagel; Saturday evening dinner Hostesses:  Linda Dean and Pat McMillen.  Thanks to all of the shooters at this year’s Three-I and Peoria Skeet and Trap Club is looking forward to seeing you for the 72nd Three-I in May of 2016.  Good shooting this season. (submitted by Bud Shipp)


Doubles: (L) CH Ben Schroeder also HAA RU; (R) 3rd Tom Selley also 410 RU, HOA and HAA CH 12 ga: (L to R) CH James Barnard III also 410 3rd; RU David Fanser; 3rd Ed Dean
20 ga: (L to R) CH Quinten Smith also 410 CH and HOA RU; RU Phil Plesetz; 3rd JB Barnard also HOA 3rd 28 ga: (L to R) CH Bryce Baker; RU Jeff Moecher
All Scores
(Doubles) (12 GA) (20 GA) (28 GA)
(410) (HOA)
Final Results Postings



Becky McCumber
Lady RU 12 ga. 98
Lady 3rd 20 ga. 97
Lady CH, 28 ga. Open CH 100
Lady 3rd 410 95
Lady RU HOA 390


DBS   Nick Geibel 96 C-1 & Senior Veteran(SV) Champion
          Dave McMillen 95 Senior(SR) Group 1-9th & Military Veteran (MV) Group 1-3rd 
          Jack Dean 95 MV1-6th
          Becky McCumber 98 Lady 3rd

12     Ed Dean 99 SR2-2nd
         Nick Geibel 94 SV1-1
         Becky McCumber  100  Lady CH1
         Dave McMillan 98 MV1-6th 
         Jack Dean 98 MV1-8th

20    Dave McMillan 99 SR1-9th & MV1-3rd
        Ed Dean 98 SR2-2nd 
        Jack Dean 97 MV1-9th

28   Nick Geibel 91 SV1-1st
       Becky McCumber98 Lady1-6th
       Dave McMillan97 MV1-9th

410  Ed Dean 98 SR1-2nd
         Jack Dean 97 SR1-7th & MV1-4th
         Nick Geibel 88 SV1-2nd
         Becky McCumber97 Lady1-3rd
         Dave McMillan 96 MV1-6th

HOA  Ed Dean 393 SR2-1st
          Becky McCumber 391 Lady1-1st
          Jack Dean 387 MV1-9th
          Dave McMillan 390 MV1-5th
          Nick Geibel 364 SV3rd


DBS      Jack Dean97 SR1-8th & MV1-1st
              Dave McMillan97 SR1-9th & MV1-2nd
              Nick 84 SV1-4th
              Becky McCumber97 Lady1-1st

12         Becky 150x150 AAA-7th & Lady CH
             Ed Dean 150 AA-6 & SR3rd
             Nick Geibel 137 SV1-3rd
             Jack Dean148 MV1-1st

20         Becky McCumber100 Lady CH
             Nick Geibel95 SV1-3rd

28        Jack Dean 99 SR1-8th & MV1-3rd
            Nick Geibel 84 SV1-7th
            Becky McCumber98 Lady1-4th
            Dave McMillan96 MV1-6th

410     Nick Geibel 85 SV1-3rd
           Becky McCumber98 Lady 3rd

HOA   Ed Dean 437 X450 SR2-2nd
            Nick Geibel 401 SV1-3rd
            Becky McCumber446 Lady RU
            Jack Dean 437 MV1-6th

HAA    Becky McCumber 543x550 AA-5

US OPEN - St Jo, Indiana

Becky McCumber
DBS 96 Lady1-3rd
12 ga. 97 Lady1-3rd
20 ga.  98 Lady1-1
410  98 Lady CH
HOA Lady 3rd
HAA Lady 3rd

Nick Geibel
Senior Veteran Third  12 ga. 95, 20 ga. 96, 28 ga. 91, 410 ?
Senior Veteran RU HOA

Bud Shipp
12 ga. A-3 100, Senior Third
410 A-1 100, Senior CH
HOA A-3 393
HAA A-4 486, Senior1-1

Illinois State Skeet Shoot August 22-24

Barry Hall  
Doubles A-4 96

John Fennell 
Doubles D-3 89

Ed Dean 
410 & Senior (SR) Champ  100
HOA AA-3 & SR3 393
HAA AA-3 & SR3 488

Jack Dean 
Doubles SRCH & Military Veteran (MV) CH 97
12 ga. MV3 97
20 ga. MVRU 98
28 ga. MVCH 97
410 A-2 &MVCH 97
HAA MV 486

Nick Geibel 
DBS Senior Veteran(SV) CH 87
12ga. SVCH 95, 20ga. SVCH 98
28 ga. SVCH 98,
410 SVCH 90, HOA SVCH 380

Dave McMillen 
DBS MV3 93, 12 ga. MVRU 99
20ga. MV3 98, HOA MV3 381

Kent Koshkarian
12ga A-1 100

Keith Batterton
12ga. Sub Senior (SS)RU 100

Bud Shipp 2
8ga.  A-1 SR3  100

Greg Hufnagel
20ga. B-1 99, 410 C-1 & Sub Sub Senior(SU) RU 92
HOA B-2 385
HAA B-2 475

Jay Hufnagel
20ga. Sub Junior RU 94
410 D-1 88





Northbrook Skeet Classic July 31-Aug. 3

Becky McCumber
DBS  AA-1, Lady CH  (100)
12  Lady 3rd  (99)
20  Lady 3rd  (99)
28  Lady CH  (99)
410  Lady CH (98)
HOA  Lady CH (395x400)

Jack Dean
20  Military Veteran (MV) Group 1-2nd  (98) 
28  MV 1-4th  (96)
HOA  MV 1-3rd (382)

Ed Dean
12 A-5  Senior(SR)Group 1-4th  (99)

Bud Shipp
20  AA-4,  SR 1-1st  (99)

Dave McMillen
DBS  MV 1-3rd  (93)
20  MV 1-4th  (97)
28  MV 1-3rd  (97)



Isaac Wins 70th Annual Three-I Championship

The weather was cool throughout the shoot making the 70th Three-I held at Peoria Skeet and Trap Club May 16-18 a very pleasant experience.  Chuck Isaac won both the HOA and HAA.  It was a tad breezy for Doubles on Friday with only one straight.  Jeff Moore won the CH while Tommy Moore RU beat Keith Brace Third in a shoot off of 99’s.  Class winners included:  AA Chuck Isaac, A Dave Schiebel, B Tom Pavlack, C Hunter Conrad, D Ken Waters.  Finger food was served Friday evening.


Five shooters ran the 12 ga. Saturday morning.  Four stations were all that were needed to resolve the placements.  JR shooter, Hunter Staples, beat the field for CH, Denny Tanis RU, and JR shooter, Jake Krause took Third. Class placements included:  AA Keith Batterton, A Bill Spurlock, B Gordy McKean, C Hunter Conrad, D James Dial.  The 20 ga. was next on Saturday’s program.  Twelve straights were up on the scoreboard.  The field reported to Field 5 and by station 5 was pared in half.  A few stations later, Lynn Snow was CH, Ken Ford RU, and Johnny Kleinheksel Third.  Class winners were:  AA Bruce Christian, A Gordy McKean, B Mike Turner, C Bill Piggott, D Heather Moate.Peoria Skeet and Trap Club’s traditional meal of butterfly pork chop sandwiches along with all of the fixin’s was served at the conclusion of the shoot offs. One would have to try really hard to go away hungry after that meal.
HOA was decided in a shoot off of 396’s.  Chuck Isaac CH beat Jeff Moecher RU.  Class placements included:  AA Becky McCumber, A Remington Wheaton, B Tim Spencer, C James Dial, D Sharon Hurst.  HAA was won outright by Issac with a 494, RU James Barnard had 491.  Class winners were:  AA Robert Zeek Jr., A Dean McMorris, B Vern Shedd, C Hunter Conrad, D Sharon Hurst.


Quality shoots take a lot of planning and people to make them successful.  Thanks goes to the following folks that helped make the Three-I one of the best shoots in Illinois:  Shoot management, Becky McCumber, Jack and Ed Dean;  the Board and Officers of Peoria Skeet and Trap Club;  Chief Ref John Bratty and his crew;  Lunch Cooks and Kitchen Help, Larry and Lora Murphy, Dennis Kerns, Pete Bartolo, Gerry Franklin, Steve Weatherall, Cindi Horrie, Lonnie Reed; Friday/Saturday night meals, Kent Koshkarian, John Fennell, Jack Hill, Dave McMillen, Larry Didway, Linda and Paul Dean, Barry Hall;  Trap Mechanics, Ric Hart and Jim McQuinn;  Club Management, Danika Jones and Zach Mayfield.


Looking for a good shoot to attend in May?  Mark your calendars for the weekend before Memorial Day for the Three-I in E. Peoria, IL.  We’ll be looking for you. (Submitted by Bud Shipp)


12 ga.(L to R)  CH Hunter Staples and 28 Third, RU Denny Tanis, Third Jake Kraus 20 ga. (L to R)  CH Lynn Snow, RU Ken Ford, Third Johnny Kleinheksel

28 ga.( L to R)  CH JB Barnard and HAA RU, RU Dan Adam


410 (L to R) CH Jeff Moecher and HOA RU, RU Chuck Isaac and HOA, HAA CH, Third Noah Brenan


Complete Winner's List
(Doubles) (12 GA) (20 GA) (28 GA)
(410) (HOA) (HAA)

Doubles  (L to R) CH Jeff Moore, RU Tommy Moore, Third Keith Brace





Mini World Championships - San Antonio, Texas Sept 27-Oct 4

Ed Dean 99 AA-4 and Senior Champ
Becky McCumber Lady1-first 94

12 Ga.
Bud Shipp A-8 and Senior2-Third 100
Ed Dean Senior1-10th 99
Becky McCumber Lady1-Second 99
Nick Geibel B-9 and Veteran1-Second

28 Ga.
Ed D. AA-8 and Senior1-First 100
Dave McMillen AA-7 Senior Third 100
John Fennell D-10th
Becky McCumberLady1-First 99

20 Ga.
Dave McMillen AAA-4 and Senior Third 100
Becky McCumber Lady Runner Up 100

Becky McCumber AAA-9th and Lady Champ

Becky McCumberLady Champ and AAA-6 398x400


World Shoot Main Events

Doubles Main
Jack Dean AA-1 and Sub Senior Champ (First 100 straight in Doubles and Fifth overall in the event)
Becky McCumberLady1-7th 94

12 ga. Main
Jack Dean AA-5 and Sub Senior1-Fourth 150x150
Dave McMillen Senior1-9th 149x150
Becky McCumber Lady Third 149x150

20 ga. Main
Bud Shipp Senior2-Second 100
Ed Dean Senior1-10th 99
Becky McCumberLady Third 98

28 ga. Main
Jack Dean A-10th 99
Dave McMillen Senior1-9th 99

410 Main
Dave McMillen A-1st and Senior1-First 99

HOA Main
Dave McMillen AA-6th and Senior Third 445x450
Jack Dean AA-10th 444x450

HAA Main
Jack Dean AA-2 544x559
John Fennell D-7th 480x550

State Skeet Shoot at Northbrook Sports Club Aug 23-25
Jack Dean
DBS Third Sub Senior Runner up 98
12 Sub Senior 1-Fourth 98
20 Sub Senior 1-third 98
28 AA-2 Sub Senior Third 99
410 Runner up Sub Senior Champ 98
HOA AA-1 Sub Senior RU 393x400
HAA RU Sub Senior Champ 491x500

Ed Dean
12 Senior 1-Fourth 98
20 AA-4 Senior Third 99
28 A-1 Senior CH 99
410 A-3 Senior Third 95
HOA A-1 Senior Third 391x400
HAA A-2 Senior RU 483x500

Bud Shipp
20 Senior 1-Fourth 98
28 A-2 Senior 1-Second 98
410 B-1 Senior 1-Second 94
HOA A-2 Senior Third 387x400
HAA Senior 1-Third 477x500
Barry Hall
20 A-4 Senior RU 99
Dave McMillen
DBS Senior 1-Second 94
12 AA-3 Senior 1-Second 99
20 Third Senior CH 100
28 Senior 1-First 98
410 A-4 Senior Third 95
HOA AA-3 Senior CH392x400
HAA AA-3 Senior CH 486x500

Nick Geibel
DBS C-4 Veteran Third 88
12 C-1 Veteran Third 98
28 Veteran Third 93

Northbrook Skeet Classic August 1-4

Barry Hall
20 ga. A-1, Senior1-2nd 100
410 Senior1-2nd 97

Dave McMillen
12 ga. A-6 99

Ed Dean
DBS AA-2 97

Jack Dean
HOA A-5 392
28 ga. A-6 99
HAA A-2 489

Nick Geibel
20 ga. B-5, VT1-4th 97
12 ga. VT1-4th 93
HOA VT1-45h 369

Becky McCumber
HOA Lady third 390
HAA Lady third 485
DBS Lady third 95
20 ga. Lady1-1st 98
28 ga. AA-6, Lady third 99


Mid America Shoot—St. Joe, IN
Doubles  Jack Dean 98 A-3 Sub Senior-3
12 Ga.  Jack Dean  100  AA-2  Sub Senior Champ
410   Jack Dean  99  A-1  Sub Senior Champ


Soya Shoot-Decatur, IL
20 Ga. Bud Shipp  100 Gun Champ Senior Champ
410     Ed Dean  97  Gun Champ Senior Champ
Bud Shipp A-3  Senior 3rd


Great Western-Northbrook Sports Club
12 Ga.  Ed Dean 100  Gun Champ Senior Champ


Bandido 28 Ga. Shoot-St. Joe, IN
Event 1  Barry Hall 99 Senior-3
Dave McMillen 98 Senior1-1
Becky McCumber 95 Lady Champ

Event 2  Bud Shipp 98 A-3 Senior-3
Barry Hall 98  Senior RU
Dave McMillen 98 Senior1-1
Becky McCumber 98 Lady Champ
HOA Barry Hall 197x200 Senior Champ


Poco Loco 410-400 Shoot
Event 1  Bud Shipp 96 B-1
Becky McCumber 94 Lady Champ

Event 2  Bud Shipp 94 B-4
Barry Hall  94 A-4
Becky McCumber 96 Lady Champ

HOA  Bud Shipp B-4

Congratulations to PS&T club members Keith Batterton, Ed Dean, Jack Dean and Dave McMillen for making the 2013 Illinois All-State Skeet Team!
The listing of all the team members can be found here.

69th Annual Three-I Championship

The 69th Annual Three-I was contested May 17-19, 2013 at the Peoria Skeet and Trap Club in East Peoria, IL.  Joe Vancura won the 410 Gun Championship on his way to taking the HOA by two birds with a 397.  Joe grinned and commented, “Yeah, I’m a twenty year overnight success.”  Joe has been always been a good shooter competing in local shoots near his home and the Illinois State shoot.  Joe has started to expand his range and is making a bigger name for himself in the process.  He is quick to thank Robert Zeek for the coaching he has gotten over the last year and half.  Joe is a quiet, modest guy that keeps showing up at the top of the event lists wherever he goes.



Friday, shooters began the weekend with Doubles.  The top scores reported to field 5 and the fun began.  Mike Schmidt Jr. outlasted everyone to take CH with Dave Scott RU, and Keith Brace-3rd.  Class champs were:  AA-1 Chuck Isaac, A-1 Rob Gyngard, B-1 Steve Timmons, C-1 Mike Walker, D-1 Garry Bennett.  The 12 and 20 were shot on Saturday.  Fifteen 100’s shot off for the 12 ga. title.  Steve Timmons placed CH while Artie Tessman won RU, and Chuck Isaac took third.  Class champs included:  AA-1 Schmidt Jr., A-1 Joe Vancura, B-1 Hank Pollard, C-1 David Sutton, D-1 Steve Schmidgall, and E-1 Bill Ziebell.  The 20 ga. was shootoff next.  Ten straights vied for the top three places.  Most shooters dropped out early leaving Schmidt, Bud Shipp, and Bill Spurlock to finish CH, RU, and Third in that order.  Class champs were:  AA-1 Bob Zeek, A-1 Vic Voltz, B-1 Jim Burrows, C-1 Ron Blalock, D-1 Andy Korando. After the shoot offs grilled pork chop sandwiches were served along with all of the fixin’s.


Sunday was fairly typical for Peoria and the little guns.  The wind definitely factored in the posted scores.  Five 100’s and a potfull of 99’s were shot in the 28 ga.  When all was said and done, Bob Zeek won CH, Mike Jones RU, and James Barnard III took third.  Class champs included:  AA-1 Tessman, A-1 Dave Schiebel, B-1 Lynn Snow, C-1 David Fansher, D-1 Ben Schroeder.  Two lonely 99’s shot off for CH and RU in the 410.  Vancura won and Dave Scott took the RU place.  Junior shooter, Phil Poston put a whuppin’ on the rest of the 97’s to take third.  Class champ were:  AA-1 Zeek, A-1 Jeff Moecher, B-1 Mike Skratsky, C-1 Steve Hogan, D-1 Andy Korando.  Vancura was the top of the HOA heap with a 397 while Poston and Scott broke 395’s and placed RU and third respectively.  Class champs included:  AA-1 Isaac, A-1 Spurlock, B-1 Noah Brennan, C-1 Steve Hogan, D-1 John Fennell.  Scott was HAA CH, Schmidt RU, Isaac third.  Class champs were:  AA-1 Zeek, A-1 Moecher, B-1 Brennan, C-1 Mike Walker, D-1 John Fennell.  Breaking with past practice, Becky McCumber got out from behind the computer and shot the program.  She decided that she needed all of the practice she could get since changing to a new stock and shooting two-eyed and with no tape.  She won all of the Lady Concurrent events while working the shoot.



Good shoots take a lot of planning and preparation.  Becky has trained us well and keeps us honest.  Thanks go to the following folks:  Shoot management Jack and Ed Dean, Barry Hall, and Becky McCumber; Chief Ref John Kuljawski and his crew;  Trap mechanic Jim McQuinn; Lunch kitchen help John and Kim Dooley, Hannah and Connie Martin; Saturday night dinner help Linda Dean; Paul and Louie Dean wings and meatballs; Chop cooks Greg Hufnagel, Steve Schmidgall, Kent Koshkarian, Dave McMillen, Jack Hill; Lunch cooks, Mike Dennis, Ken and Gerry Franklin; Club Manager John Chance; Club Officers and Board.  Please mark you calendars for the weekend prior to Memorial Day weekend and come see us at Peoria Skeet and Trap Club for next year’s Three-I. (sumbitted by Bud Shipp)


L-Dave Scott Dbs RU, 410 RU, HOA 3rd, HAA RU
C-Mike Schmidt Dbs CH, 20 CH, HAA CH
R-Keith Brace Dbs 3rd


L-Steve Timmons 12 Ga. CH
C-Artie Tessman 12 Ga. RU
R-Chuck Isaac 12 Ga. 3rd, HAA 3rd


L-Bud Shipp 20 Ga. RU
R-Bill Spurlock 20 Ga. 3rd


L-Bob Zeek Jr. 28 Ga. CH
C-Mike Jones 28 Ga. RU
R-James Barnard III 28 Ga. 3rd


L-Joe Vancura 410 CH, HOA CH
R-Phil Poston 410 3rd, HOA RU









Current and prior year results posted at the BDB Systems skeet results website.